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The Douglas Local Service District (DLSD) encompasses the communities of

Burtts Corner, Cardigan, Carlilse Road, Curriesburg, Deersdale, Dorn Ridge, Douglas, Fredericksburg, Jones Forks, Keswick, Kingsley, Lower Stone Ridge, McLean Settlement, Napadogen, NorthTay, Pughs Crossing, section Royal Road, Tay Creek, Tay Mills, Upper Stone Ridge, York County, in the province of New Brunswick, Canada.

In September of 2014...

members of a new Advisory Committee for the Local Service District of Douglas (DLSD) were elected at a public meeting organized by staff of the Minister of Environment and Local Government. The event took place at 7 pm at the Keswick Baptist Church and 8 residents were present to vote, and 1 observer. The elected Advisory Committee members will serve a four year term.

To contact the Advisory Committee:

You may email info@douglaslsd.com. We check our email every few days. Replies will be sent if appropriate.


If you would like a meeting or event in our area, please email us.

Advisory Committee

Advisory Committee Members are Elected Volunteers

Douglas LSD Advisory Committee

On April 30, 2018...

members of a new Advisory Committee for the Local Service District of Douglas (DLSD) were elected at a public meeting organized by staff of the Minister of Environment and Local Government. The event took place at 7 pm at the Burtts Corner Lions Club with 10 residents present to vote.. The elected Advisory Committee members will serve a two year term.


The Roles and Responsibilities of a Local Service District Advisory Committee
(from www.gnb.ca)
To assist the Department of Local Government in providing local services and to ensure the input of residents, the Municipalities Act provides for the election of Local Service District Advisory Committees. These committees work closely with the Department’s regional Local Services Managers by advising and consulting on local concerns. This important working relationship ensures the effective and cost efficient delivery of services to a large number of New Brunswick residents.

An advisory committee member must be:
(a) the full age of eighteen years or will attain the full age of eighteen years on or before polling day at the pending election,
(b) a Canadian citizen,
(c) a resident of the Local Service District (LSD) on election day and throughout the term of office, and
(d) ordinarily a resident in the Province for 40 days immediately preceding the date of the election.

Members of an Advisory Committee are elected at a public meeting to represent the citizens of their LSD for a period of four years. Vacancies on Advisory Committees remain unfilled until the next scheduled election.

A Local Service District Advisory Committee is composed of no less than three (3), and no more than five (5) members. The chairperson and secretary are chosen by the committee members in a manner that is deemed acceptable by all concerned, during the first meeting of the newly elected committee.

An Advisory Committee is created under the authority provided by the Municipalities Act. It has no administrative financial or contractual authority. The Minister, through the Local Services Manager, is responsible for the administration of the district, including provision of local services and the expending of public funds.

Roles & Responsibilities
The Advisory Committee advises and assists the Minister through the Local Services Manager in the following areas:
a) Preparation of a yearly budget and the establishment of the local tax rate annually;
b) Day-to-day administration of the Local Services district;
c) Inventory control and insurance of assets, which are held in trust by the Minister on behalf of the LSD;
d) Community planning matters, upon the Minister’s request;
e) Organizing and/or chairing Advisory Committee meetings as required, as well as other community meetings announced by the Minister. In addition, an Advisory Committee member may be requested by the Minister to become a member of a Commission or Board from which the LSD receives services;
f) Provision of fire protection services are the responsibility of the Department through the Local Services Manager. He or she may consult with the Advisory Committee and/or Fire Chief when deemed necessary.

Dave Duplessis
Chairperson – Returning Member
Wendy Brewer
Secretary – Returning Member
Danny Roy
Member – Returning Member
Jarret Forbes
Member – New
Shawn Ripley
Member – New


For meetings and events

CarlisleRoad Notice of Meeting for April 3 2017 View PDF>>
Northern Douglas Notice of Meeting for April 5 2017 View PDF>>


The YRC Project Info 2017 pdf concept 2016 mail out pdf
The next Douglas LSD information meeting

will be taking place February 15th, 2017 at 7 PM; at the Douglas Baptist Church.

view pdf
The Local Service District of Douglas Advisory Committee

...An update to the rezoning map for the Springhill Quarry Application has been received by the LSD of Douglas, this information also includes contact information for Springhill Group of Companies should you wish to contact and further discuss questions you may have. We, the LSD of Douglas need to hear if you are in favor or against so we can advise RSC 11 and the Minister of Local Government  accordingly.  Please use the contact us tab to send us your thoughts. If you would like to email or mail your thoughts and concerns to the Minister in regards to the purposed Springhill Quarry in the LSD of Douglas, he can be reached at
Hon Serge Rousselle
Department of Environment and Local Government
Marysville Place
P. O. Box 6000
Fredericton, NB
E3B 5H1

Public Notice original map Springhill Group Info Revised map


Available for download or viewing

Local Government Resource Manual



A Vision for Local Government in New Brunswick

http://www2.gnb.ca/content/dam/gnb/Departments/lg-gl/pdf/VisionForLocalGovernanceNB.pdf Douglas/Bright Local Service


District Rural Plan (The LSD’s of Douglas and Bright worked together to establish the Central York County Rural Plan)

Map: http://www.rsc11.ca/planning/downloads/CentralYork/CentralYorkMap.pdf


Douglas LSD Current Map:




Schedule B – June 4, 2013 http://www.rsc11.ca/planning/downloads/Douglas/ScheduleB.pdf

Schedule C – June 27, 2014 http://www.rsc11.ca/planning/downloads/Douglas/ScheduleC.pdf


Douglas LSD Meeting Minutes:











20160404_LSD_of_Douglas _Info_Session_Minutes

20160428_LSD of Douglas Minutes_Burtts_Corner_Information_Session.pdf


20160614_LSD of Douglas Minutes_Cardigan_Infomation_Session.pdf

20171002_LSD_Meeting_Minutes .pdf


Details of Budgeted Expenditures of Douglas LSD:



LSD Budget 2018

Government & Other Contacts

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Region 11 Service Commission (RSC 11)


RSC 11 is governed by a Board of Directors accountable to all communities within its region and is comprised of the Mayors of Municipalities and Rural Communities and representatives of the unincorporated areas. Unincorporated area representation is made up of locally-elected Local Service District Advisory Committee Chairs. They were nominated from among fellow LSD Advisory Committee Chairs and they represent all LSD areas within the region (at large representation). The Commission is mandated to provide the following services:

  •  Regional Planning
  •  Local Planning in Local Service Districts
  •  Solid Waste Management
  •  Regional Policing Collaboration
  •  Regional Emergency Measures Planning
  •  Regional Sport, Recreational, and Cultural Infrastructure Planning and Cost-Sharing


Animal Control


The New Brunswick SPCA is responsible under contact with the NB Provincial Government for dog control in the rural areas and Public Service Districts of the province. If you live in a Local Service District, call the province-wide number, 1-877-722-1522, for help with problems such as:

  •  stray dogs running at large
  •  nuisance dogs
  •  dog attacks on people or animals


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